About Us

ZoLos 7 is a full service internet firm offering Website and Graphic Design, Online and Offline Marketing, and Hosting. Our Managing Partner and SEO specialist Zoheb Karnachi is a 10 year veteran in the field of computer science and programming. Mr. Karnachi’s hands on approach ensures every project is completed in a professional and timely manner and within the allotted budget. Mr karnachi, or “Zo” as he is called by his friends grew our international interest and has opened a satellite location in India allowing us to offer around the clock availability. What this means for you is that someone is always working on your project.

Heading up the marketing and sales side of ZoLos 7 is Carlos Perez who brings 20 plus years of entrepreneurial know how and team building experience with him. Mr. Perez or “Los” as he is known by, works to ensure that you receive the best pricing and get the most bang for your buck while keeping you aware of changes in the market place and possibly saving you money you would have wasted. His goal is to see that the entrepreneurial dream be able to survive and that people will see the incredible opportunities they can have.

ZoLos 7 is a professionally managed and substantially profitable internet company with over 80 years of combined experience in developing and improving hundreds of websites in several different industries. We work with the most dynamic individuals and have built an outstanding reputation for designing professional web sites, providing exceptional customer and web consulting services, and for meeting the growing needs of our clients while offering affordable prices. Because of our dedication we are on our way to becoming one of the most reliable web design companies around.

Our team is spread through out the globe and represents several different backgrounds. We have several MBAs, Engineers, and Systems Operations Specialists to name a few. Because of such diversity, our clients benefit from working with such knowledgeable and experienced professionals. We are always striving to become more than a full service web design company as well as continuing to be a professional resource for our clients. To meet and exceed these goals, we continue to dedicate ourselves to our clients and to further expand our knowledge and experience.

Our core business model was structured to cater to brokers and agents who did not have time to design sites themselves but nor wanted to go through the hassles of learning. We realize that some people are born to sell and that’s what the do best. Other people were better at doing the design and technical work and really didn’t want to be sales people. By putting the two together you have an explosive combination of sales people who are great at what they do and technical personal who great at what they do.

ZoLos 7 sees the opportunity to treat brokers and agents as partners. We do not compete with you or label your clients site with any reference to us. Every client you have stays your client we do do the work in the background for you and make you look good. Our partner receive wholesale pricing which allow them to add their markup and make incredible spreads do what they love to do and nothing more. Clients will know that their company site and other services were performed by the partners company and not ours. You set your prices deal with your customers and leave everything else to us, what could be easier or better for that matter. At ZoLos 7 you are not a client you are our partner with whom without you we would not our growth would not have been realized.