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video marketingEnhance Your Overall Marketing Strategy with Video Marketing

Getting your name and products or services in front of your customers is always a challenge. It’s something every business must invest time and energy into in order to succeed. Although simply put, this is marketing. But as a business owner or marketing executive, what are you doing to take your marketing campaign to the next level? Is video a part of your plan? If you haven’t already, it’s time to dive head first into video marketing. There are several benefits to adding video to your overall marketing plan, but the following key factors are tops!

How do I use video? Let me count the ways…

There are so many benefits to using video as a tool to enhance your overall marketing strategy, but one of the biggest selling points is multiple options and methods for implementation. If you’ve created a series of videos or hired a professional to do so, you’re already on the right track. But what to do once you’ve built this catalog of videos? Sow the seeds.

Videos can be added throughout your website. They can be used on monitors and TV screens within your business. Your videos and video footage can be cut into 15, 30 and 60 second spots to be used as television advertisements. You can include videos in your email marketing campaigns or even in your traditional mailers in the form of a QR code (the recipient can use their smartphone or tablet to scan the code and view the video right from their device). There are countless ways to include video in every piece of marketing you have, every one of which should be used to get your business ahead.

If you have video, you’ve got the personal touch!

As mentioned previously, videos are meant to be shared. In this day and age, it’s something that is 100% expected, especially on a website. You can utilize several informative videos throughout your website to further promote your products/services and bring that personal touch to your business. Using videos throughout your website will also offer a more in-depth, real-deal, type of explanation of who you are, what you’re selling and why. It will also help to increase your overall web presence, further spreading that brand awareness your company craves.

Competition in business is tough. Tons of people have the ability to sell what you sell, but are you telling and showing your audience why they should buy from you as opposed to your competitors? This could be the missing link in your marketing strategy; using video to provide that level of comfort to customers who may be on the fence about choosing your product over your competitors’.

Again, multiplying your efforts is the key. This same personal touch can be added to your TV ads, email campaigns, as well as your traditional mailers. Don’t just leave it up to potential customers to decide; tell your audience why they should buy from you and no one else!

3 Tips to Start Getting Reel

1. It sounds cliché, but think quality over quantity. Keep the viewer in mind when creating your videos. KISS (“Keep It Simple, Stupid”) and you can literally kiss the competition goodbye. Making short, 60 – 90 second, informative videos and placing them throughout your website will increase time spent on site by your visitors. A widely accepted comScore study has shown that sites with video content have been very effective in holding viewer attention much longer than sites without video content. Increased time on site = increased customer interest, which ultimately will increase inquiries and profitability.

2. Stop being socially awkward. What are you hiding from? Get your company on social media! Facebook, Twitter and of course, once you have your videos, you’ll certainly need to get on YouTube! If e commerce is where your business thrives, you may also want to take advantage of Instagram and/or Pinterest. And for those of you who are business professionals, LinkedIn is an absolute must! Use various social media outlets to share your videos and further promote brand awareness.

3. Keep up the good work and stay relevant. Once you’ve integrated video into your overall marketing strategy, don’t stop there! Continue to create fresh content that you can use throughout your website, email campaigns, traditional mailers, TV ads and so much more. Continue churning out fresh, high-quality, informative videos and share them, but do it with a purpose. Don’t just blindly throw a new video up on every single page of your website, or share it via Facebook without thinking. Bring some strategy to the timing and placement of your videos and ensure you’re reaching the right audiences with the right material.

Remember… Video is the key to setting your company apart from the competition. It’s your chance to “show and tell” potential customers why they should buy from you and no one else!