Asset Acquisitions Group


Asset Acquisitions Group LLC (“AAG”) is a family owned Limited Liability Corporation and investment company. The Company corporate office is located at 11660 Church Street suite 124F Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 and it operates in the nationwide Distressed Real Estate Mortgage Industry, with a focus on both the residential and commercial sector. AAG was conceived in 2008 by Arthur Bonner and Carlos Perez due to the melt down. As a veteran in the real estate industry, Mr. Bonner had learned about some of the advantages of real estate paper and clearly saw an opportunity to create a company that could provide specialized financing for buyers, sellers and real estate professionals. AAG started out finding and brokering notes to institutional buyers.

The company soon branched out into helping real estate and mortgage brokers structure financing on properties that were difficult to fund by conventional means. Mr. Perez also began purchasing and brokering funding from institutions that specialize in purchasing seller carry back real estate notes. AAG provided insight into managing the risks associated with debt instruments, always encouraging the parties to create the notes in sensible ways, so they are salable to private and institutional buyers. These efforts resulted in many transactions closing, to the benefit of all, which would otherwise have fallen apart for failure to meet conventional conforming guidelines.

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