Swell Fit

SFSwell Fit is the brainchild of Suswella Roberts undefeated female boxer and personal trainer. She is described as a polished country girl at heart who possess infectious enthusiasm, keen intelligence, fierce discipline and spiritually centered principles and faith that allows her to connect with all people of diverse backgrounds and interests. She lives under her mantra that “Total Ownership breeds Total Fulfillment.” This simply means that all of our life experiences are a reflection of one’s state of mind and choices. Therefore, being willing to develop and sustain favorable, yet decisive present centered objectives helps ensure successful demonstration.

Suswella’s fierce determination and discipline toward her passion for personal development and transformation allows her to keep her finger on the pulse of what needed to improve one’s self. Even in the midst of her own personal challenges and adversity, she has garnered many lessons that let her empower others in also believing that one does not have to be great to get started, yet must get started in order to be great. With this in mind, she has become a beacon of Professional support, keen insight and unconditional understanding to many as a Life Coach that assists others in being able to reach their life goals and personal potential

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