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VTSVideo SEO, or video search engine optimization is akin to search engine optimization. For years, website owners have sought to have their websites optimized so that each web page would appear on the front pages of the organic search listings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo for each relevant, in-demand and targeted keyphrase term. In fact, attaining front page positioning for websites is still a primary internet marketing strategy employed by website owners to attract visitors and to sell more products and services. But, with the advent of YouTube a few years back (subsequently purchased by Google) and laptop/smartphone video technology advancements, video production and editing has become easy and enjoyable. But, with millions of videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe et al, how would a search user locate videos of interest?

Well, through the process known as video tagging. Tag your video correctly with keywords that describe the genre, industry, interest and people in the video and that video will appear on a results page when a user employs any of those terms in a video search (video titles and descriptions should also be optimized and, if the video is hosted or embedded on a web page, optimized content should accompany it). There are now advancements in search engine algorithms where references to a video can give the search engines an idea of the video content, and rank you on page one.

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