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WWCI have over 13 years of experience in marketing communications as a highly skilled and experienced Web developer with expertise in website design, web app creation, social media management and mobile web applications. Ability to increase reliability, maximize productivity and introduce system efficiencies. An organized and effective project manager who provides a genuine commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Demonstrated success in problem solving and a proven track record with strong attention to detail. Outstanding verbal and written communication skills and ability to coordinate multiple detailed projects from initiation to completion in a deadline-driven environment.

I live to create win-win situations with everyone I do business with so everybody involved feels good at the end of the day. I believe in and follow the the principle of You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. This simple yet life changing way of thinking is what leads me to be of service to people that I work with. When I undertake an assignment or opportunity with someone they are not alone. All of my experience’s and resources are openly shared so we can succeed and reach our goals together. I hope to work with dynamic individuals that like me what to see everyone at the top!

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